‘Bling-Crazy’ Brooklynites Just Say No To ‘Always Low Prices’


Local Wal-Mart-resistance forces will gather in Albee Square next week to protest the world’s largest retailer’s apparent plans to “destroy everything that Brooklyn stands for.”

That’s according to Thursday’s letter from the group Wal-Mart Free NYC, which includes a statement from staunch anti-smiley-face-logo activist and graffiti-artist-turned-shopkeeper Leo Gulfam:

“Our people are crazy about bling,” he said. “They aren’t crazy about Wal-Mart.”

The rally is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8, at 1 p.m.

More anti-chain-store rhetoric after the jump.

– Chris Shott

Dear WMFNYC Members,

As you have all read and heard about, Wal-Mart continues to have an enormous interest in Brooklyn. It’s not even a question of if Wal-Mart will do damage to the community and the local business owners throughout the borough, the the question is How much damage will they do to Brooklyn. They will destroy everything that Brooklyn stands for or listen to what one Brooklyn resident had to say:

“People come here on tour buses when they want to see what real New York is like,” said Leo Gulfam, a former graffiti artist who rents a storefront where he customizes clothing, jewelry and Air Jordan sneakers with everything from Pakistani flags to pictures of Tweedy Bird.
“Our people are crazy about bling,” he said. “They aren’t crazy about Wal-Mart.”

We’re holding a rally on February 8th at 1 PM at Albee Square (the site of the potential Wal-Mart) We strongly encourage all of you to come and show Wal-Mart that they are not welcome in Brooklyn or our city…Head to our blog (www.nywalmart.blogspot.com) to view the flyers we’ve been distributing… Thanks a lot for all the support we have been getting, We hope to see you all there

Please join Walmartfreenyc,the U.F.C.W, Change To Win, the NYC CLC, Brooklyn City Council members and Community groups to tell Wal-Mart they are not welcome in downtown Brooklyn or in any Borough of New York City. We will join together on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 1 PM at “The Gallery at Fulton Street”….Allbee Square.

For additional information contact Ed Lynch at edwinelynch@aol.com or 646-280-8377

‘Bling-Crazy’ Brooklynites Just Say No  To ‘Always Low Prices’