Bronx Not Bucking Hillary

Say what you like about the leaders of the Bronx Democratic organization, but don’t accuse them of flirting with Barack Obama.

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion and Assemblyman Jose Rivera just issued this strenuous denial of a report that they’re planning an event for Barack Obama.

From a joint statement:

“The February 2 Crain’s Insider item titled “Unhappy With Clinton” is entirely unfounded. Senator Clinton has been in frequent and direct contact with us about how we are going to work together to elect her President. One of us has met with Senator Obama and we admire his intellect and believe he will contribute immensely to the national conversation. We encourage anyone who aspires to be President of the United States to visit The Bronx. We will continue to work closely with our Senator and friend, Hillary Clinton.”


— Azi Paybarah

Bronx Not Bucking Hillary