Carrion (and Council and Legislature) to Pressure Spitzer

From the prepared text of Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion’s State of the Borough speech today, this:

“We need to redouble our efforts and my friends, continue to fight against initiatives like the proposed closing of Westchester Square Medical Center and other so called cost-cutting measures that put our community in further danger. And so I pledge to you today that I will join members of the City Council, the Chair of the Health Committee, Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera and the Bronx delegation, as well as members of the State legislature to fight these cuts as we enter this year’s budget discussion. Please count on me to testify before your respected bodies and help you make the case for the people of the Bronx and the City.”

If it’s not clear enough what he’s talking about here, this line on Carrion’s website states the premise more neatly:

Vows to Put Pressure on Governor Spitzer”

UPDATE: 1199 piles on, issuing a statement saying that Carrion “realizes that the closing of facilities and cutting of healthcare programs do not represent reform, and certainly don’t put patients first.”

— Azi Paybarah Carrion (and Council and Legislature) to Pressure Spitzer