Chamlin Was There

Here’s a campaign letter from Susan Chamlin, the aide to Liz Krueger who is running against Micah Kellner for a maybe-soon-to-be-vacated Assembly seat on Manhattan’s East Side.

In the letter, Chamlin tries to set herself up as the reformer in contrast to Kellner, who is running with the support of most of the Manhattan Democratic establishment, by backing Eliot Spitzer in his death-struggle with the Assembly. She also touts a long and varied resume with a Forrest Gump-y “I was there” refrain about her participation through the decades in the causes of racial equality, abortion rights, AIDS awareness and, of course, Liz Krueger’s election to the state Senate.

She also refers to herself as “the most progressive” candidate in the race, though without any specific comparison to her opponent. Which prompts the following question:

Are there any substantive differences between the candidates that might make this race about something other than endorsements and money for mailers?

— Azi Paybarah

Chamlin Was There