DiNapoli: In The Driver’s Seat

Tom DiNapoli was just sworn in as state comptroller on the 15th floor of 110 State Street, his new Albany office, surrounded the people who just elected him: Assembly Democrats.

“In terms of this issue of what this process was, what was good or bad about it, that’s going to be something for the historians to write about. The process is now concluded and we need to move forward and there’s an awful lot of work to do,” he said.

DiNapoli was upbeat when I asked for his reaction to Spitzer’s remarks about the election being a negative “turning point” in the relationship between the governor and the legislature.

“I wasn’t there and I don’t quite know how he said it,” he said. “I’m the comptroller, I have an important responsibility and I look forward to working with him in my new capacity.”

I also asked DiNapoli, in light of what happened to his immediate predecessor, whether he had a driver or added security yet.

The answer, he said, is no. “I’m driving myself home tonight.”

— Azi Paybarah

DiNapoli: In The Driver’s Seat