Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Iraq, Barack

Here’s the the Iraq resolution Congress will debate tomorrow.

Someone claiming to have been part of Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral administration on 9/11 defended the way his boss handled that day.

Eliot Spitzer continued his assault on the legislature by picking on George Latimer during his “Bring the Budget Home” tour.

Expect the AFL-CIO’s presidential endorsement sometime in early March. Update: Or maybe not.

Michael Bloomberg has advice on how to fix the country’s health care system.

TWU President Roger Toussaint still can’t collect union dues automatically after June 1. [updated]

Former Congressman Major Owens endorsed Jesse Hamilton in the special election in Brooklyn.

Assemblyman Joe Lentol defines reform as not ceding power to the executive branch.

There’s a new TV ad about the state’s Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Westchester, like NYC, wants to ban the N-word.

Robert Caro thinks an exhibit on Robert Moses, which counterprograms some aspects of The Power Broker, is “even-handed.”

And above is Ben’s video of Barack Obama talking about the major media.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Iraq, Barack