Elsewhere: Hillary, Nassau


Pat Healy notes that Hillary is for capping the number of troops going to Iraq, but not for capping the funds that pay for them.

Eliot Spitzer has a new DOT Commissioner.

Spitzer’s promise to ease driver license access may help terrorists, argues a critic.

Larry Littlefield doesn’t like Spitzer’s tuition tax credit deduction.

Errol and Bill are taking predictions in tomorrow’s special election in Nassau.

As of Saturday, Democrat Craig Johnson held a small lead over Republican Maureen O’Connell.

A candidate in Brooklyn’s special election wants her money.

City building permits are down from 2006, but still way, way up.

ReformNY defends public financing for presidential candidates, which is notably out of vogue this time around.

Mike Bloomberg dared state workers to play solitaire when he swung by the capitol today.

The Illinois state Senate president who called for black voters to unite behind Barack Obama doesn’t always practice what he preaches.

An imam who spoke at the DNC meeting thinks there’s a Jewish conspiracy behind the Iraq War, according to Karol.

Dan Abrams predicted that his network will beat CNN. Soon.

Get ready to hear some Scooter Libby tapes.

And pictured above is Hillary Clinton at this morning’s press conference on health care spending.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Nassau