Elsewhere: Lieberman, Spitzer

Joe Lieberman hints at switching parties over the Iraq War resolution.

Two more officials backing Hillary Clinton have financial ties to her campaign.

The groups fighting Eliot Spitzer’s health care spending cuts are hiring.

They also have a new website.

GOP state Senator Serph Maltese said he was offered a job by Spitzer, but refused to take it.

NYS GOP Chairman said Vinny Ignizio’s win on Staten Island Tuesday was “important first step for the Republican Party down the road back to victory in New York.”

Dan Janison says that Mike Bloomberg’s bullpen style of governing has not started a trend.

Aaron Naparstek has all you want to know about speed lumps.

The National Rifle Association will probably endorse a White House candidate after each party’s conventions.

Rock Hackshaw congratulates the winner of the City Council race in Brooklyn whose “political knowledge seemed minimal at best.”

More than 280 people have commented on the “find the illegal immigrant” game played by NYU College Republicans.

A Polish-name joke in the New Yorker has drawn criticism.

And above is a classic video of Rudy Giuliani circa 1996, courtesy of City Hall gadfly-cum-reporter Rafael Martinez Alequin.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Lieberman, Spitzer