Elsewhere: Taxes, Blackjack


New York City is the tax capital of the world.

Conservatives don’t like Eliot Spitzer’s nominee for Environmental Conservation Commissioner.

Alan Hevesi wasn’t the only state comptroller who had his wife chauffeured by a state employee.

Assembly members are playing basketball against the City Council this weekend.

Hillary Clinton’s favorite game is blackjack.

Tom Daschle will endorse Barack Obama.

Jonathan Stein thinks “John McCain might as well be gay.”

A GOP pollster tells Greg Sargent that that poll showing massive support for the war in Iraq is bogus.

A Republican presidential debate in Iowa will air on MSNBC on November 6.

And pictured above is a photographic scrum in the Council’s Red Room today.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Taxes, Blackjack