[em]Voice[/em] Hires New Managing Editor; More [em]Sun[/em] Poaching!

The Village Voice has just named Deborah Kolben, formerly the city editor of the New York Sun, as the paper’s managing editor.

Since David Blum, ex-Sun television critic, took over as the Voice‘s editor-in-chief, there have been several defections from the conservative daily to the lefty weekly. Ms. Kolben now joins Sun alumni Nathan Lee (film critic) and Maggie Shnayerson (PR Director) over at Cooper Square.

Full release after the jump.

New York, NY (February 26, 2007) – The Village Voice is pleased to announce that Deborah Kolben will join the newspaper as managing editor this April.

Most recently, Kolben was the city editor of the New York Sun. Prior to that, she was the education reporter for the Sun as well as a reporter for the New York Daily News and The Brooklyn Papers. She has written for the Jerusalem Report, the Guardian and the Financial Times.

“I grew up in New York reading the Voice and I’m looking forward to being a part of a newspaper that plays such a vital role for so many in New York and elsewhere,” Kolben said.

Kolben is the winner of two National Newspaper Association awards for investigative reporting and has been honored for her feature writing.

“Deborah Kolben is a talented and creative editor whose dedication to news and narrative made her indispensable to the New York Sun’s distinguished local coverage,” said David Blum, editor-in-chief of the Village Voice. “I’m thrilled to welcome her to the Voice.”

A Brooklyn resident and a native New Yorker, Kolben is a graduate of both the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University.

About the Village Voice: Founded in 1955, the Village Voice is the recipient of three Pulitzer prizes and scores of awards for reporting and criticism. In addition to publishing the nation’s largest weekly newspaper with a circulation of 250,000 and a readership of nearly 1.5 million. The Voice also publishes a daily Web site with 1 million monthly unique users. [em]Voice[/em] Hires New Managing Editor; More [em]Sun[/em] Poaching!