Giuliani Raids the Sun

Rudy Giuliani has hired Daniel Freedman, a conservative editorial writer from The New York Sun.

Here’s a note from the paper’s editor.

From: Seth Lipsky

Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 11:05:23 AM

To: ~Business Staff; ~Editorial Staff; ~NY Sun Office Staff

Subject: welcome back to ryan sager

I’m delighted to report that Ryan Sager has returned to the Sun as
editor of the online edition. He had been with the Sun as an editorial
writer in the startup period and then went to the New York Post and
wrote a book about politics, “The Elephant in the Room.” In his new
job, he will edit the online edition, edit and help write a blog on
politics, and write editorials. He’s a brilliant journalist and we’re
all happy to have him back. He replaces Dan Freedman, who is joining
the Giuliani campaign. Dan did a terrific job here. I’m sorry to see
him go. I do note that Giuliani’s rise in the polls began about the
time word spread that Freedman was signing on. Good luck to all of

This isn’t the first acquisition Giuliani has made from the Sun. Earlier, he hired John Avlon, who was a columnist and deputy editor at the paper.

— Azi Paybarah Giuliani Raids the Sun