Greatest Floorplan Ever: A Butler for the Butler at 640 Park

Click above for the appallingly large floor-plan of Apartment 11 at 640 Park. As reported this week by Page Six, it belongs to Lehman honcho Richard Fuld.

(The Post didn’t mention that the co-op was a bargain at $21 million: Its last listing price was $23.7M, and its original price tag last March was $27.5M.)

But how about that floorplan? There are four “chambers”–not to mention the library/fifth chamber. The living and dining room add up to 65 feet of haute entertaining space along Park Avenue. (And, yet, the joint family room/kitchen seems bigger.)

Listing broker Kirk Henckels would not comment on the deal itself, but pointed out that the apartment has five fireplaces, even one in the big entrance room. Why? “Well, when you’ve got five fireplaces, you might as well put one in a gallery.”

There are more staff rooms than fireplaces–according to the picture above, four for the maids, one for the butler and one for his “second man.” Those gender-divided quarters are separated by a wine closet, which surely led to occasional maid-butler waywardness.

Sadly, the seller’s splendid 640 Park furnishings were auctioned off last May at Christie’s. “The power of provenance and the elegance of a bygone age once again proved an irresistible combination,” a press release after the $2 million sale said.

Max Abelson

Greatest Floorplan Ever:  A Butler for the Butler at 640 Park