Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Trump Bets Legendary ‘Do

trump.jpgDonald Trump has put his hair on the line in a bet with World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon. The Donald last week appeared on a WWE program to taunt Mr. McMahon, according to various media reports (and to a Southern relative of this reporter):

“I’m taller than you. I’m richer than you. I’m better-looking than you. And I’m stronger than you.”

(Whoever said Mr. Trump was obsessed with media attention? Oh wait, we did.)

Mr. Trump and Mr. McMahon agreed to send representatives to Wrestlemania in Detroit on April 1 to duke it out. The one with the losing representative has to shave his head bald. Is this the end of Mr. Trump’s confused coiff? Stay tuned…

– Tom Acitelli

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?  Trump Bets Legendary ‘Do