Have Bloggers Undermined the Jewish Establishment?

Richard Silverstein, the blogger Tikun Olam, writes in the Guardian that progressive Jewish bloggers have played an important role in undermining the establishment Jewish consensus re Israel.

A new weapon in the battle for that free exchange of ideas has been a burgeoning culture of American Jewish blogs devoted to Israeli-Arab peace. Tikun Olam (my own blog) and Muzzlewatch broke several of the stories mentioned above. [From the rescinding of an invitation to Joel Beinin to the efforts by Israel’s Foreign Ministry to smear the former soldiers coming to the U.S. to denounce the occupation]

These blogs and a score of others – because they are independent of communal consensus or pressure – have proven to be a useful tool in questioning the established order of American Jewish leadership and its priorities.

Hope so. Have Bloggers Undermined the Jewish Establishment?