Hillary Commits to a Bit

New York’s Senators really do work well together.

Hillary Clinton introduced Chuck Schumer yesterday afternoon at a lecture about his book at the 92nd Street Y. In her brief remarks, she made a point to mention that both he and her worked hard for New York in response to 9/11, which may or may not have had something to do with a complicated story in this week’s Village Voice that suggested otherwise.

Chuck later returned the favor. As Clinton nodded along in a seat behind the podium, he said “the closer you get to Hillary Clinton the better and better and better she looks,” and, “this is not a political event and I’m not making a campaign speech, but I’m proud to be supporting her for President because she will be able to win.”

Clinton, who delivered most of her speech in her capacity as a Senator, alluded to her own Presidential campaign with a subtle joke that went off like a hand grenade.

Referring to Schumer, she said that they had been working hard “going back to the first Clinton administration.”

Scattered applause, murmurs and finally, a big, approving hand.

Thank you!” said Clinton, holding her arms out like a comedian who’s just caught a long-overdue break.

Besides that, Clinton’s short speech included some standards about her colleague’s knack for courting public attention. “What can I say about him that he hasn’t already said?” and “On the seventh day the Lord rested and Chuck had a press conference.”

As she went over possible alternatives to the title of his book, Schumer cackled behind her, removing and replacing his glasses. The biggest laugh came for her last suggestion: “The Republican Political Machine: A Shanda.”

Clinton left early, and outside the building she stopped to sign some autographs, including one on a baseball, before jumping into a waiting van.

–Jason Horowitz

Hillary Commits to a Bit