Hillary Wins Zimmerman Primary

Robert Zimmerman, one of the last key uncommitted Democratic fund-raisers in New York, just told me has signed up with Hillary Clinton.

“We have an extraordinary field of candidates, but Hillary Clinton, without question, truly is the best candidate to bring us to victory and has the experience and knowledge to be an extraordinary president. It’s a commitment from the heart and soul.”

Zimmerman is a former Democratic National Committeeman who raised money for and argued the causes of Al Gore and John Kerry.

Zimmerman said he made the decision yesterday after meeting with one last candidate in the field, though he would not name that candidate.

As a notable aside, Zimmerman was long seen as a Gore loyalist, and his signing up with Clinton strongly suggests that Gore is indeed not running.

“I take Al Gore at his word,” said Mr. Zimmerman.

He added, “With the nomination literally a year away, it was critical to make the decision now. The 2008 Presidential race is upon us. And we have to be ready.”

–Jason Horowitz Hillary Wins Zimmerman Primary