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Jason Horowitz writes about the reaction among conservative leaders to the pro-Second Amendment, strict constructionist, marriage-between-a-man-and-woman version of Rudy Giuliani. Bob Barr says, “It’s a sleight of hand.”

Niall Stanage interviews former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix about the Bush administration’s increasingly hard line with Iran. Dark stuff.

Albert Gore III tells Spencer Morgan that as far as he knows, his dad is thinking about winning an Oscar — and that’s all.

Azi Paybarah talks to an Eliot Spitzer donor who thinks that the governor’s reforms could set him up to be President.

Azi also reports from a Barack Obama meet-up, where some female supporters explain why they chose the Senator from Illinois over the Senator from New York.

Steve Kornacki thinks Hillary Clinton could be the next Ed Muskie.

Joe Conason thinks the New York Times needs to reckon with its history on the Clintons and Whitewater.

Harry Siegel still doesn’t quite know what to make of Ground Zero.

Nick Von Hoffman says that the Scooter Libby trial is a test for the press.

And there’s lots of good stuff here.

— Josh Benson

In Today’s Observer