Klein on State Aid: Not Enough, Too Much

The governor’s proposed budget would cost New York City up to $20 million in pre-kindergarten funding and the city would “struggle” to use other funds it will receive, according to a prepared copy of Joel Klein’s testimony up in Albany.

“We certainly support this move and welcome the increase of $63 million slated for New York City. Our preliminary analysis of the budget, however, indicates that we would actually have a reduction in per student funding from $3,300 to approximately $3,172. This might seem small, but considering the actual cost of $4,400 per student for a half-day program, this could add up to a $20 million increase in our expenditures for PreK. This plan would also not provide any additional full day slots for the children and families who desperately need full-day programs.


It’s sad that the State insists that we spend PreK money on half-day programs when we know the families of new York City demand full-day programs. There is so little demand for half-day programs that we sill struggle to actually use the money you are allocating to preK.”

— Azi Paybarah

Klein on State Aid: Not Enough, Too Much