Life Imitates Art: Schumer Visits “Baileys”

Anyone who has read Chuck Schumer’s book, “Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time” — or who has seen him talk about it recently on every talk show you’ve ever heard of — knows by now that the Baileys are the make-believe middle-class Massapequa family who represent the type of voter that the Democrats need to win back.

Earlier this month, Newsday went out and found a family that resembled the fictional Baileys down to an impressively small level of detail.

Well, it’ s going to get very Pirandello at 2:15 this afternoon when, according to his spokesperson, Schumer is planning to stop by their place in Massapequa to discuss the ideas in his book.

Now that’s commitment.

–Jason Horowitz

Life Imitates Art: Schumer Visits “Baileys”