Log Cabin Blames Conservatives for O’Connell

The bloodletting has begun in the wake of the Maureen O’Connell loss in Nassau’s special election earlier this week. The defeat was a result, according to the New York Log Cabin Republicans, of the Conservative Party’s “agenda of division and hate.”

In a letter to Conservative Party state chair Michael Long, David Verchere of Log Cabins wrote:

“On the last day of the campaign, the news cycle wasn’t about Maureen O’Connell, a fair-minded fiscal conservative. It was completely overwhelmed by the Conservative Party’s anti-gay attack.


“Chairman Long, you may wish to divide and attack your way to extinction, but the Conservative Party’s strategies are also killing the New York GOP by tarring fair-minded, fiscally conservative candidates as divisive and out of the mainstream.”

The full letter is here.

— Azi Paybarah Log Cabin Blames Conservatives for O’Connell