Margot Megan Slade

Dec. 31, 2006

8 a.m.

8 pounds, 6 ounces

New York Downtown Hospital

Husband-and-wife architects James and Hayes Slade, both 40, have built quite a family in the 18 years they’ve been married: Ana, 14, Santi, 13, Stella, 2, and now this beautiful little bald, pinkish addition, the news of which prompted cheers and hugs among the older siblings. “Now Stella will have a friend like we did!” happily chorused Ana and Santi. And now their Battery Park two-bedroom is a little crowded. “It would be hard to move,” Ms. Slade said. “We’re just waiting for somebody to put the perfect apartment up for the wrong price.” Aren’t we all, honey, aren’t we all—but we figured, as an architect, that you’d have the extra edge. Anyway, little Margot has blue eyes about to turn brown and a marvelously mellow disposition. “She’s very easygoing,” Mom said. “She gets a lot of attention, because there are so many hands to play with her.”

Margot Megan Slade