Qualified Legislators

Brooklyn Assemblyman Jim Brennan, like just about every other member of Sheldon Silver’s majority I’ve spoken to, says he is inclined to vote for a state legislator for state comptroller. Brennan argues, as his colleagues have, that the experience of being an elected official should outweigh Albany-outsider status as a qualification for the comptroller position.

“The most important criteria is independence of the governor,” Brennan told me. “A person who is a tested political leader in their own right is an appropriate.”

What makes a legislator a “tested political leader?”

“Having broad experience in government — local, state — and being elected by their constituencies many times is my view of the appropriate selection,” Brennan said.

If anyone knows of any Democratic Assembly members who have expressed a significantly different view on this matter, please let us know.

— Azi Paybarah Qualified Legislators