Quinn and Bloomberg and 2009

So, how does anybody run for mayor in this town in the wake of Michael Bloomberg? Aside from the disastrous school bus plan, the race to City Hall at times seems more like a race to stand closest to Bloomberg.

Case in point, WNBC reporter Jay DeDapper’s interview with Christine Quinn, whose big State of the City speech – that informal mayoral campaign warning shot – got slightly overshadowed with the mayor’s flap about not easing parking restrictions.

But no complaints from Quinn.

DeDAPPER: Is that his problem that he’s got a little bit of a tin ear?

Ms. QUINN: You don’t end up being the mayor of the city of New York if you don’t understand politics.

DeDAPPER: Good point.


DeDAPPER: Does the next mayor need to continue his legacy, do you think? I mean, if he laid the path that whoever it is, a Republican, an Independent, a Democrat, they basically have to say, `I’m going to do Bloomberg’?

Ms. QUINN: I think the next mayor, whoever they are, has to be somebody who has a vision for the city, somebody who has a belief in this city and somebody who’s willing to work very hard and put the good of this city ahead of politics and who’s willing to really move the city forward to keep all of the progress that Mayor Bloomberg has set up moving forward, but to keep it moving forward in a vision that really embraces the needs of New Yorkers.

— Azi Paybarah

Quinn and Bloomberg and 2009