Quinn’s Tough Line on City Health Care

Going by Christine Quinn’s speech today, she’s leaning more towards the Eliot Spitzer line on health care hospital closings. than that of SEIU/1199.

She proposed creating ten new health facilities in under-served communities, but also said the following:

“There are simply too many hospital beds in New York City.”

Update: In the speech, Quinn did indicate she’ll oppose Spitzer’s health care cut backs.

“There are too many neighborhoods, especially in low-income and isolated areas, where you can’t find a primary care doctor or a full service clinic anywhere. And it’s those neighborhoods that will be most hurt by the misguided healthcare cuts being proposed in Washington and in Albany.”

Further Update: As someone pointed out to me, 1199 eventually came around to support the Berger Commission findings.

— Azi Paybarah Quinn’s Tough Line on City Health Care