Reader Wisdom: Now What?

Vito Lopez’s comments yesterday sparked a multi-faceted conversation with one thread wondering who really has the upper hand in Albany now: a governor popular statewide or legislators popular in their districts?

I’m not sure, but one person wrote, anonymously and even-handedly, that both Spitzer and legislators are to blame for the tension right now in Albany. And that doesn’t bode well for at least one recent Albany tradition : passing budgets on time.

From Anonymous [at the 4:21 mark]:

“Once again, the NYS Constitution empowers the Legislature to choose the Comptroller under these circumstances. Silver and Bruno never should have agreed to an independent screening panel; that was their mistake. Spitzer’s mistake is trying to use this to beat the Legislature into submission. At this rate, the State budget won’t be passed until sometime around August or September…”

— Azi Paybarah

Reader Wisdom: Now What?