Rock meets pop meets punk meets . . . dance?

If you’re old enough to remember when dance music got booed off the stage by the pro-rock “Disco sucks!” backlash, then the band !!! (pronounced chk chk chk) and its latest CD, Myth Takes (out 3/6), will seem like an ironic triumph. Please note: Dance and rock have officially formed a joint venture.

Ten-year-old !!!’s 2004 breakthrough album, Louden Up Now, ended up on countless critics’ “Best Of” lists, and Myth Takes seems destined to follow, given the way it morphs the band’s dance-punk sound in an intriguingly rockier direction.

Mostly, though, Myth Takes makes us think of The Clash, or its poppier successor, Big Audio Dynamite — especially the propulsively catchy first single, “Heart of Hearts,” a song guaranteed to move millions of feet in clubs and concert halls around the world in the coming months. This is supercool, frequently thrilling music.

P.S. For a good time, try Googling the band’s intentionally difficult name.

“>HEAR “Heart of Hearts” from Myth Takes, plus three older !!! songs as free streaming audio on MySpace (not necessarily workplace-friendly)

“>WATCH the video for “Heart of Hearts” (and check out how much crowd-pleasing !!! looks like a bunch of indie-rock dorks!!!)

“>BUY !!!’s Myth Takes

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Rock meets pop  meets punk  meets . . . dance?