Rudy Opposes Abortion, Supports Second Amendment. Who Knew?

The Rudy Giuliani campaign just finished up a conference call to announce the support of Representative Candice S. Miller of Michigan, who said that Rudy would be most “ready” of all the candidates to deal with a “worst case scenario.”

In yet another preview of Giuliani line on his for 2008 on his liberal social positions, Miller — who played an active role in George Bush’s campaigns — made a point of saying that as mayor of New York, Giuliani “really governed as a conservative.”

When asked to square her staunch pro-life stance with Giuliani’s pro-choice position, Miller turned to what some Giuliani observers suggested as a practical “out” for him several months ago: the appointment of conservative judges.

“I heard from him his desire to appoint judges like Roberts and Alito. The mayor is a very strict constructionist,” said Miller, who added “at the same time, he is personally opposed to abortion.”

When asked about Giuliani’s string advocacy of gun control back when he was mayor, Miller said, “He told me he is a very strong supporter of the second amendment.”


–Jason Horowitz Rudy Opposes Abortion, Supports Second Amendment. Who Knew?