Rudy’s Blue Collar Fund-Raiser

A March fund-raiser for Rudy Giuliani in John McCain’s home state is nearly sold out, said one of the event’s co-hosts.

Barron Thomas, an Arizona-based Republican donor backing Mr. Giuliani said that the $1000 – $2300 tickets for a March 9th event
at a private residence is Phoenix are nearly gone.

Thomas said that while a McCain fund-raiser on March 3rd “somewhere downtown” had lined up “all the high society guys,” Giuliani’s fund-raiser was attracting “blue collar and white collar” supporters. The guest list, he said, “cut across economic and cultural lines.”

Thomas said that he had decided not to support his home senator because “McCain wakes up every day and has a new position.” Thomas said that he felt McCain had flipped on campaign finance reform, and felt betrayed by McCain’s support for benefits for illegal immigrants.

“At least with Rudy you know what you get,” he said.

–Jason Horowitz

Rudy’s Blue Collar Fund-Raiser