Run, Ms. Pac-Man, run!

The main thing you should know about the new music video for the Go! Team song “Junior Kickstart” is that it made us grin like little kids.

It’s a live-action version of Ms. Pac-Man, in which the lady herself — some joker in a Ms. Pac-Man costume — runs for her life through the streets of Manhattan as she’s being chased by Inky, Pinky, and Blinky. (Where’s Sue? We don’t know.)

The charm of this cleverly edited video — an homage to a street game called Pac-Manhattan created by some New York University students in 2004 — is three-fold: (1) The random New York bystanders in the video mostly seem blasé, as if they saw stuff like this every day; (2) Ms. Pac-Man makes some amusing pit stops along the way; and (3) the song itself, a big, brassy number that calls to mind cheesy ’70s TV dramas, is pretty great.

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Run, Ms. Pac-Man, run!