School Spending Numbers


You can thank Michael Cooper for this.

This slide, entitled “Funding Partnership with New York City,” shows New York City paying $532 million in 2007-08 and $5.39 $2.22 billion by 2010-11. The state, according to Spitzer’s plan, would pay $639 million in that first year and ramp up to $3.17 billion by 2010-11.

That’s quite a lot for the city to pay in those later years. Is the city obligated to do so?

Asked yesterday by Cooper to explain his school spending numbers for the city, Spitzer came up with this artful answer:

“One is not legally linked to the other,” Spitzer said. “There is, based upon our rather significant conversations with the mayor, and with the city’s budget folks, in their budgeting plans, as they look into the out years, a dedication to these numbers that we are comfortable in both relying upon and building into, as they are, the planning there making for the New York city school districts expenditures.

And so, the technical answer, is there legal obligation, that is one contingent upon the other. The answer is no. Is there an understanding, a good-faith expectation that they will be there? You bet.”

The mayor will testify in Albany on Monday about all of this.

Any guesses as to what he’ll say?

— Azi Paybarah

School Spending Numbers