Senate Dems “Wholly Owned” by Spitzer

Norman Adler thinks that in light of the race in Nassau — in which Eliot Spitzer engineered the vacancy of a Republican seat and then propelled a Democrat to victory — the state Senate Democrats are basically the governor’s to do with as he pleases.

“Of course they sided with him,” said Adler, a consultant who works with Republicans in the state Senate and Democrats in other offices. “He’s their only hope. If they’re going to be taking anything home to their districts, it’s going to have to come through the governor’s pork rather than the senate’s pork. In this case, they sided with him because he’s going to be their salvation.”


“All the money came from the governor, all the staff came from the governor, the media guy came from the governor. Ultimately the guy who did the second half of the mail came from the governor. The guy was out there campaigning continually. He’s the one who pulled in Hillary and Chuck.

“So the Senate minority, until they get into the majority, is almost a wholly owned subsidiary of the governor.”

— Azi Paybarah Senate Dems “Wholly Owned” by Spitzer