Shott On Location (With Audio!): Hearing It Loud And Clear–Sort of–At Heather’s


Things must’ve been a lot quieter when it was an “illicit after-hours spot“–or perhaps people were just more afraid of the proprietors.

But now that a legitimate business has moved in at 506 East 13th Street, the NIMBYs just can’t shut up about the noise.

After reading that rather even-handed Times article about all the racket at Heather’s, this reporter decided to hear it for himself–and capture some sound samples on his super-sensitive voice recorder.

The results of the investigation after the jump.

The 60-person joint was jammed full of patrons around midnight this past Saturday. According to the doorman, at least three birthday parties were going on. It sounded (alas, there is no video) like this:

Outside the bar, young Brooklynite Rafael Diaz was sucking on a hand-rolled cig. During his previous smoke break, he said, an old lady in a nightgown came down from upstairs and asked him to go back inside and hush everybody up. “I was like, Lady, I can’t turn anything down. I don’t even take IDs,” Mr. Diaz said.

Outside, where Mr. Diaz was smoking, it sounded like this:

Weekends, sure. Any bar is noisy. But what about during the week?

Around midnight on Monday, only a dozen or so patrons turned out. But the music was still pumping out of six ceiling-mounted speakers. See if you can name that Grateful Dead tune:

Outside on Monday, things were a bit quieter:

During happy hour on Thursday, a neighborhood shopkeeper sitting at the bar blamed the whole noise debacle on inadequate flooring in the upstairs apartment. In the background, music played softer than any night previously:

– Chris Shott Shott On Location (With Audio!): Hearing It Loud And Clear–Sort of–At Heather’s