Spitzer’s Assistance

Here is an interesting example of how closely Eliot Spitzer is working with state Senate Democrats: he’s helping fund projects in their districts.

Saying the money is a “slush fund” that came from unspent resources from the Pataki administration is sort of shocking. But the idea of a governor helping lawmakers in his party that are stuck in the minority conference is a no-brainer.

“I haven’t seen anything direct like a hand out,” said Senator Jeff Klein of the Bronx told me in a brief telephone chat yesterday.

“You now have an ally and there are certain projects where the state awards. There’s all kinds of applications, grant proposals that various entities, not for profits, municipalities apply for and I think now that its important, that it’ll be helpful that now, Democratic senators can be part of the process and hope and hope our districts are taken care of.”

Taken care of. But not in the wrong way.

“I read the Sun article as ‘Here’s a million dollars, go and spend it.’ Which clearly is not the case.”

— Azi Paybarah Spitzer’s Assistance