The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • What are the most horrifically ugly (or “god-awfully hideous”) buildings in New York? The new Hearst Tower surprisingly gets a vote, Curbed‘s Joey Arak picks The Zebra (aka Theater Row Tower), and The Sculpture for Living is “bad from the ground up.” [Gridskipper]
  • New York’s Bedford Hills neighborhood has a fancy name and fancier real estate. Its $12 Million “Cassiobury” listing [above] has 23 acres, 18th-century wood paneling, bricks “taken from a historic English estate,” and copious fireplaces. [Luxist]
  • According to colorful Al Roker, 2007 will be a colorful year. The riveting shades-of-choice vary from Little Angel yellow to Sheer Romance blue to “Emerald Green with Black and White.” [House + Garden]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday