The Morelle Argument

I’ve now heard from more than one reader that despite some heavyweight support for Tom DiNapoli, the person best positioned to be a “compromise candidate” between the legislature and Governor Eliot Spitzer is upstate Assemblyman Joe Morelle.

I know, I know. But bear with me.

Here’s the (highly speculative) argument for Morelle: Since the Speaker is rumored to want DiNapoli, any legislator other than DiNapoli would be a concession to Spitzer. And Silver would have to be happy with Morelle if only because he comes from the Assembly.

Of course, Silver’s under no obligation at this point to compromise with Spitzer. If anything, he’ll probably be a hero to his members for sticking up to the Steamroller, which is likely to be his most important consideration here.

When I asked a lawmaker close to Speaker Silver if there was anything to this Morelle scenario, the official answered with a simple and emphatic “no.”

Oh well.

Expect the speculation to continue until tomorrow at noon, when the Assembly Democrats go into conference for some closed-door arm-twisting.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morelle Argument