The Morning Read: Wednesday, February 22, 2007

Coverage of yesterday’s remarkable exchange between the Clinton and Obama campaigns is here and here.

Hillary may lose the black vote, according to Errol Louis.

Eliot Spitzer has a budget fight on his hands with 1199 SEIU and the Greater New York Hospital Association.

Spitzer may ignore recommendations from a Pataki-controlled committee in deciding who gets the state’s horse racing franchise.

There is major under-reporting of crimes in the city’s public schools, according to a report by Betsy Gotbaum.

2009 mayoral candidates weigh in on a report that said state and local taxes in New York are higher than in most other major cities.

The student paper at Brooklyn College has removed a story posted its website (and linked here) about Wesley Clark’s upcoming memoir and presidential plans.

The Post editorial board’s treatment of Hillary continues to trend away from benign. “If she was that close to the levers of power, how is it that she seems to have learned so little of what the responsibilities of office really are?”

And newly City Councilman Mathieu Eugene has to find a home in the district quickly.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: Wednesday, February 22, 2007