The Other Republican in Maltese’s Neighborhood

Before Serph Maltese debunked the rumor that he would switch parties or step down from his seat, the conventional wisdom was that another Republican might step in to help. Enter Dennis Gallagher.

As a Republican City Council member, he’s in the super minority there. But, as the only other publicly elected Republican in Maltese’s district, Gallagher has some wag-the-dog cache.

Gallagher just told me he’s not interested in challenging Maltese, but said if Maltese wasn’t on the ballot, “I’d have to look at it.”

When asked about the GOP chairman Joe Mondello, Gallagher said, “I reached out to the chairman. I guess he hasn’t had time to call me back.” He went on to say, “The Republican Party must go back to its grass roots.”

— Azi Paybarah

The Other Republican in Maltese’s Neighborhood