The Return of Tony Herbert


A reader passed on a notably early campaign announcement for 2008 state Senate candidate Tony Herbert, whose candidacy officially gets underway with a glitzy fund-raiser next month at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club.

Herbert’s candidacy marks not just one of the first local 2008 campaign kick-offs I know of, but — after his recent, unsuccessful run against City Council member Tish James as a Republican — it represents a return to his roots as a Democrat. Sort of.

From an email to potential supporters:

“For decades, our community has blindly voted for any candidate based on party affiliation. This has led to our community being ignored by the same elected officials we voted into office. As long as we don’t make our elected officials EARN our vote, we can’t expect them to respect our needs in return! “

Herbert’s letter (dated Feb. 15, for some reason) is after the jump.

— Azi Paybarah

February 15, 2007

Dear Friend and Supporter:

I first wish to Thank all of you whom have supported and contributed to my ongoing efforts in bringing our community into an Ownership Society through our great many networking mixers, business forums and personal development forums over the last 10 years.

As the old saying goes, “times change, people change.” This year, I believe that its time for politics and how they are played to be changed. There needs to be more of a focus on doing the business of the people and not that of greedy individuals.

So on Today, I proudly announce the creation of an Exploratory Committee for my proposed candidacy to the New York State Senate 2008″ to explore bringing about this change. I can really use your help in sending me to Albany to help right a lot of wrongs.

I am leading a group of reform minded young professionals, and have agreed to run on a platform of ideas that will help change NY for the better. This group of reformers are not only offering progressive reform for NY in general, but are offering real specific solutions, in Job Creation, Small Business Development, Affordable Health Care and Housing as well as Education Reform for our city and state.

Our group of reformers have proposed specific budgetary and governmental proposals, many of which have already been adopted by the NY City Council last year. Included in those proposals were the 2% property tax reductions and the earned income tax credit for low income families. To date, our proposals have received widespread press coverage and respect from people involved in politics at all levels.

This year, I will stand side by side with these reformers/candidates running as a unit for offices ranging from the State Assembly , State Senate and to the US Congress. This unit will make our issues ring “loud and true” across the state and will aid in the organization and execution of my State Senate campaign.

I will outline in greater detail, my Platform and vision on my proposed candidacy and how I propose to positively affect our community as a whole on March 28, 2007 at the 40/ 40 Club in NYC..

On this date you will hear about my strong commitment to empower our Youth and the campaign to give them access to resources that will direct them to responsible citizenship and away from the streets and its negativity as an alternative (gangs)!!

You will hear about my plan to create more job opportunities and an educational strategy to help prepare the overwhelming 50% of unemployed African American men in our community to become employable.

You will hear about my plan to create and support the development of more minority and women owned small businesses.

You will hear about my plan to provide Women and Children in our community with better Health care, with an emphasis on funding proficient early detection methods, and just as equally important you will hear about my commitment to secure and retain Affordable Housing for all.

For decades, our community has blindly voted for any candidate based on party affiliation. This has led to our community being ignored by the same elected officials we voted into office. As long as we don’t make our elected officials EARN our vote, we can’t expect them to respect our needs in return!

It’s time for us to look in a different direction and I have made clear my commitment, not only to my community, but to you my friends and our state at large. I need your support today to empower this campaign, to spread a positive message of reform and to change the political dynamics in NYS as we know them to be today. With your support and participation on our team we can make a difference.

I am asking that you help send me to Albany, to do the business of the people that want a better tomorrow like you and I, by inviting you to join me and support me in my first fundraiser !!!!!

Wednesday – March 28, 2007
6pm – 10pm
40/40 Club
6 West 25th Street
New York, New York.
(bet Broadway & 6th Ave)

Please note Upon entrance to this event your check or money order contribution in either of the following amounts would be appreciated and should be made payable to:

Herbert for Senate 08′
“A Progressive Democrat for Change”
349 St. Johns Place #3C
Brooklyn, New York 11238
c/o J. A Harris – Treasurer

____$50 ____$100 ____$250 ____$500 $____Other

Your support will empower me to run a strong yet effective campaign which has been designed to be a win for all New Yorkers.

I again thank you in advance for your support and campaign contributions past and present. Please feel free to call me directly should you have any questions or need further information or would like to volunteer to work on the campaign, so lets start the networking today for a much better tomorrow!!!

I will be calling you to secure your support and confirm that you have received this invitation.

Sincerely your Friend and Supporter,


Tony Herbert

(718) ###-####

NYS Senate Candidate 08′

“About Tony Herbert”
Anthony “Tony” Herbert is a man with a master plan and has a diverse background which includes political activism, entrepreneurship, corporate management and community outreach. As the founder of the Professionals Network Organization and current Vice-President of Government Affairs for a multi-cultural advertising/marketing firm, and Business Concierge to North Fork Bank, Tony lives life on his own terms.

With an impressive political and corporate career, and dedication to economic empowerment, Tony Herbert has worked for former New York State Senate Minority Counsel Leader Martin Connor, New York City Councilwoman Priscilla Wooten, and Congressman Edolphus Towns. He has also worked on projects with both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. A progressive leader, Tony Herbert brings innovative ideas and a practical approach to today’s challenges. In 1996, along with several business associates, he formed the Professionals Network Organization to provide opportunities for young minorities, while increasing economic growth, this organization now plays host to well over 10,000 network members .

Tony Herbert has been instrumental in organizing annual and monthly business seminars, health and job fairs in order to tackle important issues, such as: business ownership, employment, economic development, health and wellness, community re-investment, fair housing and education.

Next on his agenda is the 2007 plan to organize the first ever Central Brooklyn Youth Council, a community-based organization and [voluntary] non-governmental association to encourage youth and the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Return of Tony Herbert