Times for Hamilton

The New York Times endorsed Jesse Hamilton in the special election for Yvette Clarke’s old City Council seat in Brooklyn.

The Times was careful to explain that ethnic politics had nothing to do with their decision, writing:

“While we like anything that might help increase voter participation — ethnic and cultural pride included — there are more important considerations here than the origins of the candidates.”

It seemed more than a little reminiscent of the careful explanation of their endorsement of David Yassky in the race-influenced Congressional primary won by Clarke last year. (“There are many, many intelligent, hard-working and high-achieving young African-Americans in central Brooklyn who once considered careers in politics and then moved on when the party machine proved unenthusiastic or downright antagonistic. That failure of leadership is reflected in the current race. The residents of the 11th District deserve the best representation possible.”)

Of course, it was the Daily News — a highly influential paper in this part of Brooklyn — which, coincidentally or not, endorsed the eventual winner in that Congressional race. So it will be interesting to see if they come up with something here that will trump Hamilton’s Times coup.

— Azi Paybarah

Times for Hamilton