Weird, great things you didn’t even know you needed

And now for something — make that some things — completely different.

In the first of our series of guest-curated VSLs, today we’re presenting three highly improbable but actual in-progress eBay auctions as selected by filmmaker (and VSL subscriber) Jeff Scher.

We recently got to talking with Jeff about the essence of eBay, which he sees as “a near-infinite museum of the varied fruit of human industry.” It’s also, to us, a source of near-infinite entertainment, particularly when Jeff goes window-shopping on our behalf, casting his artist’s eye on this surreal bazaar. (Each product description quoted below comes directly from its eBay listing.)

Velvet Elvis? Nope, Velvet Karl Rove “This painting of Karl Rove is an authentic Mexican Black Velvet Painting . . . hand-painted in 2004 by the professional Mexican velvet Elvis artist ‘Ramirez’ in Tijuana, Mexico.” Lewis “Scooter” Libby not included. Click here to see it.

Jaws VI “This is a reproduction of a 16-foot great white shark. Great display piece . . . hang from ceiling.” Or, hell, just throw it in the pool. Click here to see it.

Prada Lite “This Size Small (fits chest sizes 35-37) Straight Jacket restraint is heavy duty and has a crotch strap. It is White with White Strapping. This item is NEW and has NEVER been worn.” Britney Spears not included. Click here to see it.

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