What you like the most

A quick update on February’s most popular VSLs:

1. Judging by the number of VSL subscribers who clicked on the view-image link (not to mention your scads of appreciative e-mails), the most compelling VSL overall was the World Press Photo of the Year. If you haven’t yet seen Spencer Platt’s affecting photograph of a glamorous posse of Lebanese girls roadstering through bombed-out Beirut, click here.

2. The most popular recent VSL-beloved book? According to our tally of subscribers who clicked over to Amazon to buy it, that was Then We Came to the End, Joshua Ferris’s hilarious novel about all-too-relatable dramas of the workplace. Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

3. The most popular recent DVD? Green for Danger, a 60-year-old stylish and sardonic murder mystery from Hitchcock collaborator Sidney Gilliat. Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

4. And the award for Most In-demand CD of February goes to . . . Myth Takes, by the embarrassing-to-say band !!! (pronounced chk chk chk), which snagged the most-popular spot for music among VSL listeners. Apparently dance-rock is back! Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

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What you like the most