Why the Presidential Race Is So Premature; and What Bush Can Do About It

Everyone is stunned that a process that should be occurring 9 months to a year from now is occurring now: the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. It is completely premature. And now the Republicans seem to be following in this daffodils-in-winter behavior. The cable stations are talking about Giuliani’s numbers against McCain.

The prematurity has a simple explanation: We want the election to happen now; no one wants George Bush to be president any more. He is a disgrace and a failure. While Cheney is just crazy. It is truly scary to have this kind of leadership. If you polled the elite, I venture that most of them are actually frightened; and that few have any confidence in Bush. He is not a lame duck. He’s a mad duck. (And I am someone who gives Bush credit for the fact that there have been no terrorist attacks in nearly 6 years…)

Yet impeachment (which I favor) is obviously unpopular. Wise men don’t seem to think it is a good idea. We are in some kind of war, these are dangerous times. Impeachment is enormously disruptive.

The answer is obvious. Bush and Cheney should both resign. Bush would cement his legacy. He would show that he is actually, as he claims, a spiritual man, who did not want to sacrifice one more American life to his obstinate pride. And he would do something historic and great (and thumb his nose at the Clintons one more time): make Pelosi President. Why the Presidential Race Is So Premature; and What Bush Can Do About It