Wielding Hillary on Health Care

Remember Hillary Clinton’s tough talk yesterday about the impact New York hospitals would feel thanks to president Bush’s proposed budget?

Well, Dennis Rivera and Ken Raske, guys who represent health care workers and hospitals, respectively, are putting Hillary’s statements yesterday to work in their public campaign against Eliot Spitzer’s budget.

In a letter the two men sent to Spitzer, and reporters, they quoted Hillary saying that GME “is one of the reasons why American health care is so good. Because we invest in the training of those who take care of us. That too is on the chopping block.”

One thing worth noting is that before Hillary lavished praise onto the GME program yesterday and, ostensibly, took a swipe at Spitzer’s budget, she explained where her information about some of these cuts were coming from.

From Hillary’s remarks at yesterday’s press conference:

“And Ken Raske just told me the budget eliminates Medicaid payments for something called Graduate Medical Education. Now that would cut, according to Ken’s calculation, $1.2 billion to the state of New York.”

It’s safe to say Spitzer’s information about the program was coming from someone else.

— Azi Paybarah

Wielding Hillary on Health Care