2,800 New Yorkers Pay $30 Each To Hear About New Development

The Real Deal magazine hosted a forum at Lincoln Center on Tuesday evening about new development in New York City. The Real Estate, because of The Observer‘s usual late close, was not able to make the forum, though one wonders what more can possibly be said about new development now (It’s happening! It’s expensive! It takes forever sometimes! It involves Michael Shvo somehow!).

The forum’s panel included heavies like Robert “Irrational Exhuberance” Shiller of Yale, City Planning Director Amanda Burden, Stephen Ross of the Related Companies (and chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York), downtown landlord Kent Swig, and Jonathan “Matrix” Miller, appraiser. (Full disclosure: This reporter used to work at The Real Deal.)

The Real Estate did make the forum’s after-party, in a 10th-floor space at 165 West 65th Street, with a wonderful view of midtown as it slid into early spring slumber. We ran into Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post, who moderated the forum’s panel, as he left. We also had a long talk with Braden Keil of the Post, and learned insights about the real-estate beat in New York we had thought were mere urban legend.

And finally, as we schmoozed about a party that felt like a prom for real estate (minus the bad clothes, but with the angst cranked to 11), we discovered the event served as a barometer for how addictive real-estate remains as a topic in this city.

“It says a lot for the real-estate market when you have nearly 3,000 people paying $30 to attend a forum to hear a panel on new development,” said Amir Korangy, publisher of The Real Deal. “People are still very interested.”

– Tom Acitelli 2,800 New Yorkers Pay $30 Each  To Hear About New Development