A nearly perfect Web music video

To be a viral hit, a music video has to pass one test: You must instantly love it. That’s exactly how we feel about “Thou Shalt Always Kill,” a new gem from British hip-hop group Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip.

The video follows rapper Scroobius Pip as he wanders London proclaiming his version of the Ten Commandments — he has about 30 and they run from the instructional to the genially daft. Pip’s a white, motormouthed Brit with the beard of an Old Testament prophet. He resembles the stereotypical rapper only in his absolute, contemptuous self-assurance. He spouts strong opinions, and like a clever blog, his rants are both spot-on and very funny.

Scroobius employs a handful of terms that we’ve attempted to translate for an American audience:

Stephen Fry: Comedian once described as having “a brain the size of Kent.”

Johnny Hartman: Jazz singer. Influential on the little known smart-ass-white-Brit hip-hop subgenre.

NME: Half-century-old British music magazine. Sneered at by artists from the Sex Pistols to Scroobius.

Hollyoaks: The O.C. with an accent.

“Sounds of the Wickedness”: The U.K.’s “What Is Love?”

“Is it?”: British slang term as prevalent in the U.K. as “like” and “you know” are in the U.S.

The Beatles: Just a band.

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