A Reader's View on Obama's Fund-raiser


Here’s a shot of Barack Obama from one of his fund-raisers in NYC on Friday, courtesy of a reader who attended one aimed at young professionals at the Grand Hyatt.

Another reader who attended a second fund-raiser for Obama at a different ballroom in the Grand Hyatt noted the Obama-JFK connection there was tangible, even if the pins and bumper stickers were not.

Introducing Obama at the event was was JFK speech writer, special adviser and alter-ego, Ted Sorenson. According to the reader, “he hit on what are definitely their talking points – they say he doesn’t have experience and yet look who did have experience — Cheney and Rumsefeld and look where experience has gotten us. What’s more important is leadership. And since he was Kennedy’s guy he was able to really hammer home the Kennedy/Barack connection (there was another man who they said was inexperienced 47 years ago, who they said was born with the wrong kind of heritage to be President.”

The reader also noted that the last guy Sorensen was really excited about was Gary Hart.

But there was only one thing lacking from the fund-raiser.

“People were buzzing about the fact that there were no Obama pins or bumper stickers — “Kerry events always had a lot of schwag.”

–Azi Paybarah

A Reader's View on Obama's Fund-raiser