An awesome celebration of color

We fell in love with the ad for the Sony Bravia TV that featured an abandoned Scottish high-rise complex getting doused with 18,000 gallons of paint, set to a triumphant Rossini score — a 70-second piece of supercalifragilistic eye candy (see the original VSL featuring the ad here).

Since then we’ve been pointed to the company’s earlier, more famous execution of its Colour Like No Other campaign, and we’re enthralled all over again. The ad was filmed on a sunny afternoon in San Francisco, and this time the color is provided by 250,000 bouncy superballs (an instant childhood flashback) launched from the top of one of the city’s famously hilly streets. The result, played in intermittent slow motion over José González’s “Heartbeats” — a dreamy acoustic song that’s perfectly atmospheric — is mesmerizing.

“>VIEW Colour Like No Other

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