Another Non-Resident Runs in 40th, Hynes Backs Eugene

As if the City Council race in Brooklyn wasn’t interesting enough.

As a reader points out to me, there’s a newcomer to the race for the City Council seat in Brooklyn’s 40th District, which remains vacant after an initial special election because the winner, Mathieu Eugene, was unable to prove that he met residency requirements to take office.

The new candidate, Marie Gina Faustin, just filed paperwork with the city’s Campaign Finance Board showing the campaign’s contact info in…Cambria Heights, Queens. There’s no phone number and messages left at the City’s Board of Elections (where addresses for voters and candidates are listed) were not immediately returned.

More information should come out tomorrow when candidates file petitions to qualify for the ballot.

Aslo, there’s this:

According to CFB’s database, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes made a personal contribution — his first ever — to a candidate in that earlier race: Mathieu Eugene.

— Azi Paybarah Another Non-Resident Runs in 40th, Hynes Backs Eugene