Barack Obama Needs More Donors

Barack Obama needs more people for his March 9th fund-raiser in New York.

Which either means that the response was overwhelming — organizers say they’ve changed the event’s location to a new, bigger space in the Grand Hyatt Hotel to make “room for more people,” and, of course, for more money — or that it wasn’t quite overwhelming enough.

After the jump is the email, composed and sent out by New York Magazine spokesperson Serena Torrey.

–Jason Horowitz

Dear Friends,

I have great news – because of the overwhelming response to this coming Friday’s Barack Obama “late night” fundraising reception, the campaign has moved the event to a bigger location – the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street between Park and Lex – and there’s now room for more people. It’s the same hotel (but not room) where the Senator will be for an earlier (much more expensive) reception, and because he won’t have to travel to a new venue to see us, he’ll spend even more time at our event.

The ticket price is still tiny as far as these things go: $100. So if you’re at all intrigued by this guy, please join us on Friday to hear him in person. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve already RSVP’d AND paid for this event, your name will be at the door and you should be all set

If you’ve RSVP’d but not paid, please send in your payment before 6 PM on Thursday, March 8 – even if that means RSVPing a second time. Your payment is what secures your name on the list and they will NOT take payments at the door of the event.
If you missed the first round of RSVPs and would like to attend, please click on this link and fill in your information – but be sure to do it by COB on Wednesday.
TO RSVP and/ or to pay, either click on this link and follow the instructions or fill out the attached form and please fax it back.

If you indicate that I am your “host” or “raiser,” I can better track your RSVP.

I hope to see you on Friday! Please feel free to email me with any questions.


Serena Barack Obama Needs More Donors