Baroni picks up key union endorsement

A second major labor endorsement in the 14th district State Senate race has gone to Republican Bill Baroni: CWA Local 1033, which represents more than 6,000 state workers in Mercer County, announced this morning that they would back the two-term Assemblyman from Hamilton.

"Assemblyman Baroni has stood shoulder to shoulder with the members of this Local throughout our many fights to save workers Pensions and Health Benefits," said Local 1033 President Rae Roeder. "Baroni has been a long time friend to labor and has always made time to listen to the concerns of the workers of this Local both in and outside of his district."

The Communications Workers of America endorsed Baroni and Democrat Linda Greenstein in the last election.

"What a fine candidate to replace retiring Senator Peter Inverso, another long time friend to the members of this local," Roeder said in a statement. "We cannot think of a better way to express our gratitude to Assemblyman Baron! than to now stand by and support him again."

On Monday, CWA Local 1034 President Carla Katz issued a statement supporting Baroni.

Roeder's endorsement comes sixteen hours after Greenstein, told that she had asked labor groups to "hold off" on making any endorsements until she decides if she will challenge Baroni for the open Senate seat. "I started calling people, and many of them told me they haven't committed yet," Greenstein said yesterday. "Of these, of the groups that supported Bill and me in the past, not a single one told me 'we're supporting Bill and not you.'"

Roeder is also the West Windsor Democratic Municipal Chairwoman and a former Councilwoman, although her endorsement is in her capacity as a union leader. Baroni picks up key union endorsement